Quick Answer: How Do I Get From Helsinki To St Petersburg?

Is Helsinki expensive?

Helsinki is a fascinating combination of influences that aren’t found elsewhere and it’s clean and well organized, but it’s notoriously expensive as well.

From a visitor’s perspective it’s not quite as expensive as Stockholm, but compared to nearly anywhere else in Europe it will seem pricey..

Can I visit St Petersburg without a visa?

Petersburg for 72 hours without a visa (visa-free) If you arrive in St. Petersburg by air or by land (train, bus or car) you will need to obtain a visa beforehand; however, cruise passengers arriving at Russian ports can visit the city for a period of up to 72 hours without needing a visa.

Is it safe to walk around St Petersburg Russia?

Travelling in Russia is generally very safe. Large cities like St Petersburg are especially safe for travellers both during the day and at night. … Since tourists in the city are usually all in the same popular location in the centre, pickpockets know well who to target.

Is St Petersburg Russia expensive?

Generally, St Petersburg can be considered cheaper than Moscow, with prices on a similar level to most major European cities when it comes to sightseeing, nightlife and eating out. On average, travellers tend to spend around $18 on food per day. The average price for a couple staying in a hotel is around $79.

How far is St Petersburg from Helsinki?

188 miles-Petersburg and Helsinki is 302 km= 188 miles.

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

Another fun fact about Tallinn: it has more startups per capita than any other European city, and Skype was invented here! It didn’t disappoint: I loved wandering around the ancient cobblestone streets, drinking glogi (mulled wine!) under the Christmas tree in the town square, and eating all of the delicious food.

How long is ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn?

2 hours and 30 minutesHow long does the Ferry to Tallinn from Helsinki take? Ferry sail durations on this ferry route can vary between 2 hours, and 2 hours and 30 minutes, and this is due to range of reasons, such as ferry operators, destinations, and external factors such as weather conditions at the time of sail.

Can you do a day trip from Helsinki to St Petersburg?

From Helsinki it is easy to visit the giant metropolis of St. … Petersburg in neighbouring Russia. You can get there with a cruise or simply jump on a train, which takes less than three and a half hours.

What is the best time to visit Helsinki?

The best times to visit Helsinki are May, early June and September – though you’ll find plenty going on throughout the year.

How many days should I spend in Tallinn?

If you only have 2 days in Tallinn, then the previous two days outlined will give you a great introduction to the city. However, if you’re lucky enough to have 3 days in Tallinn then it’s definitely worth adding Pirita and the Estonian History Museum to your Tallinn itinerary!

How much is the train from Helsinki to St Petersburg?

Helsinki to Saint-Petersburg Train InformationAvg. Train Duration4 hours 27 minutesTrain Ticket Price:€59Trains depart from:HelsinkiTrains arrive in:Saint-PetersburgDistance:301 km1 more row

How long is the ferry ride from Helsinki to St Petersburg?

around 14 hoursThe Helsinki St Petersburg ferry route connects Finland with Russia. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, St Peter Line. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 14 hours.

Is there a train from Helsinki to St Petersburg?

The high-speed train Allegro is a fast and comfortable way of travelling between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The train consists of 7 carriages and has a maximum operating speed of 220 km/h. 1st and 2nd class seats are available on the train.

How much is ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn?

What the price for the Helsinki Tallinn ferry? Depending on the season, the price for a return ticket (Helsinki – Tallinn – Helsinki) starts from 10 euros. During summer, it can be around 60-80 euros.

Do you need a visa to go to St Petersburg from Helsinki?

Petersburg without a visa (or with an electronic visa) The only way to visit St. Petersburg from Helsinki without a visa is by boat.

Can you tour St Petersburg on your own?

Petersburg with a tourist visa. If you want to have the freedom to visit the city on your own, then it’s worth it to apply for a tourist visa before taking the cruise. Since guided tours without a visa are usually expensive, obtaining a tourist visa can be even cheaper.

What is the best time of year to visit St Petersburg Russia?

The best time to visit St. Petersburg is from mid-June to September. Although it’s expensive, St. Petersburg’s near 24 hours of sunshine and White Nights celebrations during the summer months are not to be missed.

How long is the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm?

17 hrsHow long does the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm take? The average journey time by ferry between Helsinki to Stockholm is 17 hrs 5 min.

Is there a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki?

The Viking Line and the Tallink Silja Line ferries both cover the Stockholm to Helsinki route and the Helsinki to Stockholm route, as does the once-a-week St. Peter Line. … You can also take a ferry from Stockholm to Åbo, Finland, which takes 10.5 hours, and make your way south to Helsinki from there by bus or car.

Is Helsinki worth visiting?

Helsinki doesn’t get all the press that other Scandinavian cities receive, but it’s still worth a visit (especially if you’re in the area, as it’s only an hour from Tallinn, Estonia, and an overnight ferry ride from Stockholm).

How much is a cup of coffee in Helsinki?

A Cup of Coffee (Regular) in Helsinki, FinlandOther citiesPriceCOMPARED WITH HelsinkiYlivieska2.90 EUR-6.67%Wredeby2.96 EUR-4.76%Vuotso2.81 EUR-9.52%Viitasaari2.63 EUR-15.24%2 more rows