What Does Katarina Mean In English?

What does Katrina mean in Greek?

Katrina as a girl’s name is a variant short form of the Greek name Katherine meaning “pure”..

Is Katarina an Italian name?

The name Katarina means Pure and is of Italian origin. Katarina is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. form of Katherine Katarina Witt, figure skater.

What does Caterina mean in Italian?

PureIn Italian the meaning of the name Caterina is: Pure.

What means pure?

1 : not mixed with anything else : free from everything that might injure or lower the quality pure water pure silk. 2 : free from sin : innocent, chaste. 3 : nothing other than : total pure nonsense.

Is Katherine a Russian name?

Ekaterina is a feminine given name, and an alternative transliteration of the Russian Yekaterina. Katya and Katyusha are common diminutive forms of Ekaterina….Ekaterina.OriginAlternative spellingCyrillic: ЕкатеринаVariant form(s)YekaterinaSee alsoKaterina, Katherine4 more rows

What does name Katarina mean?

Katarina as a girl’s name is a variant of Catherine (Greek) and Katherine (Greek); the meaning of Katarina is “pure”.

Where did the name Katarina come from?

Katarina Origin and Meaning The name Katarina is a girl’s name of Czech origin meaning “pure”. The Russian version of Katherine is usually Ekaterina, but this Slovak form is used throughout Eastern Europe and may be more friendly to the American ear.

Is Katarina a Spanish name?

Katarina (Cyrillic: Катарина) is a feminine given name. It is the standard Swedish, Slovak, Serbo-Croatian, and Slovenian form of Katherine, and a variant spelling in several other languages….Katarina (given name)OriginWord/nameSlavicMeaningPureOther namesAlternative spellingCyrillic: Катарина6 more rows