What Is Full Form BBS?

What is the full form of BBS in computer?

A bulletin board system or BBS (also called Computer Bulletin Board Service, CBBS) is a computer server running software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program..

What is the scope of BBS in Nepal?

Scope of BBS In Nepal After graduation, there is a broad range of job opportunities available to a graduate in the administration and business management sector. They can also pursue a career in administrative positions in different government organizations, NGOs, and INGOs.

What are the subjects in BBS?

Curricular structureS.NoSubjectsCredit Hours5MGACC 383: Accountancy and Taxation66MGICT 341: Computer Fundamentals and Information System67MGHRM 323: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management68MGMKT 342: Marketing610 more rows

What job can we get after BBS?

The graduates can work as marketing, finance, operations and human resources managers in manufacturing and service industries. They can pursue their career in administrative positions in different government organizations, NGOs, and INGOs.

What should I do after 12?

UG Courses available after 12th Science:BE/B.Tech- Bachelor of Technology.B.Arch- Bachelor of Architecture.BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications.B.Sc.- Information Technology.B.Sc- Nursing.BPharma- Bachelor of Pharmacy.B.Sc- Interior Design.BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery.More items…

What does BBS mean in a relationship?

(Here, BBS means “Be Back Soon.”)

What is electronic bulletin boards?

Electronic bulletin boards (also known as message boards or as computer forums) are online communication systems where one can share, request, or discuss information on just about any subject. … A large collection of electronic bulletin boards is known as a newsgroup.

What is the salary of BBS?

Course Duration: Bachelor of Business Studies [BBS] is 3 Years….BBS Course Details.DegreeBachelorsAverage Salary OfferedINR 4.4L per annum9 more rows•Jan 5, 2021

Can BBS student do MBA?

The graduate of BBS can also pursue MBA or MBS programs or even study CA. The BBS program affiliated with TU has been recognized by various foreign universities and professional bodies in Nepal. BBS degree opens the gate for managerial positions in governmental agencies as well as in governmental firms.

Which is better BBA or BBS?

Pandey says that while the BBA focuses on a practical education, the BBS focuses on core management education. A BBA student needs to study 42 different subjects in four years (eight semesters), while a BBS student studies just 20 subjects during the period.

What is a BBS degree?

The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course is an undergraduate degree course that is of three-year duration. This course is an amalgamation of academic knowledge of business and related subjects like marketing, economics, accountancy, finance, etc and practical work experience.

Which college is best for BBS?

Top MBA/MBS/BBA/BBS/Hotel Management Colleges in NepalNepal Institute of Management & Science. … Triton International College. … Khwopa College. … Bagmati Modern College. … Brookfield International College. … Everest College of Multiple Studies. … Nagarjuna International College. … Thames International College.More items…•May 20, 2018

Is BBA and BBS same?

The bachelor of business administration (BBA) is a three year undergraduate degree course in business administration. The bachelor of business studies (bbs) is a three years undergraduate degree course which facilitates the integration of academic knowledge and practical work experience. …

How do I connect to BBS?

Via TCP/IP:Download a copy of the MCVSD BBS settings file (found on the Internet at http://www.mcvsd.org/fc/) Or simply duplicate this file on our computer.Open this newly created copy of the settings file. … In this window that opens, called “Service Setup” Set the “Connect Via” pop-up menu to TCP-IP.FCP.More items…